Friday, February 3, 2012

Pearl's Story: She needs a home!

This is Pearl. Pearl was tied up in front of Walmart and then the people that tied her up tried to run over her in front of everyone before leaving her. She is probably around 9-12months old. Spayed female and current on her shots. I think she would be better as an only dog until she has had some training. She has an endless amount of energy, would really be good for someone that jogs.She seems to be a Pharaoh Hound mix. She has a small tendency to herd, nipping at your feet (not really nipping). She will be a good dog, just needs some training. She shows no food aggression and seems to like people and not too sure about the cats. She runs at mine but hasn’t attacked them, yet.I am moving out of state at the end of April and need to find a new foster/forever home for her. I have four of my own and I’m lucky to be able to take them with me (told him it was a package deal from the beginning). Please contact Charla Morin at 281-276-6281 or

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