Thursday, September 8, 2011

Luby on her Way to a New Life in Colorado

Luby's story is much like other dogs in Houston and other big cities. For whatever reason, she was left to roam around the streets, scrounging for food in a run-down neighborhood. She was rescued while trying to get into a locked up dumpster behind a Luby's restaurant. She was thin, hungry, afraid, and had been bred many times.

After getting a clean bill of health, and boarding for a few weeks to fatten up and recover from spay surgery, Luby jumped on a caravan this morning to Boulder, CO, where she will join a rescue there and be adopted to a loving home, in the cool, clear mountain air of the Colorado Rockies! How I wish I was going with her !

Luby is one of the lucky ones. It is only through the rescue community pulling together and attacking this problem of homeless pets from every angle; spay and neutering, ongoing vet care advocacy and education of pet owners, no kill strategies, and policy change, will this issue ever be licked in a city this size. Don't believe those who say, one fix will take care of all of the issues. It takes many; it takes all of us. And there will be more stories like Luby's, but there will begin to be happy resolutions that end with more Houston dogs being adopted right here, to conscientious, educated, and loving homes. A revoir, Luby! Don't forget to write!

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