Sunday, March 13, 2011

Trailer Park 6 + 1 Get Vetted!

If you have not followed the story of the Trailer Park 6, pull up a chair!

These dogs were reported to us by a resident of a trailer park in NE Houston. There were two dogs to begin with, who no one claimed or fed except this kind lady. In January, she wanted to get a rescue to take the dogs, as this would be easier on her (she has been unemployed) and the dogs would not suffer in the EXTREMELY COLD weather we were having. When we showed up to pick up the two dogs, people began pouring out of their trailers to surrender their pets! We ended up taking 6 home that night, and one more later!

Unfortunately, one did not make it, but the other 6 are getting ready to be put up for adoption. The dogs are really awesome, and vetting will cost about $400 or more. For now, we are raising that amount for shots, tests, and worming/heartworm preventative.

The Trailer Park 6
Cappucino & Honey- The youngest of TP7, sleeping at their foster mom's house for now.

Lucy- female, age unknown, Long haired black chihuahua, who used to so afraid of people she would scream if you tried to touch her. She now cuddles up in the lap of Brenda, the Hearts Unleashed rescuer who has cared for her now.

Spot- 8 year old male chihuahua mix, who is the sweetest little dog and just wants to have his own home and be spoiled by someone with a lot of love to give.Not a yappy chihuahua at all!


Sparky- Everyone's favorite lovable, playful boy who will let you do about anything to him. That is why he had to be rescued from some mean children in the trailer park who sat on him and put something sticky in his coat that had to be cut off with scissors!


Oliver- energetic little fellow who disappeared for a while from the holding area where the 7 were taken before Brenda came along. He escaped with one other dog, his mama,and she was unfortunately hit by a car and killed during their escape. Oliver is now safe at Hearts Unleashed. He is the half brother of Cappuccino.

Quinn- this little guy we think is Sparky's brother, and is so like him in energy, friendliness, and playfulness. We hope he and Sparky can be adopted together (Fingers crossed).

Please help with the vet bills if possible, we will need to have them all healthy in order to find homes for them. If 40 people donate $10, they will have the help they need.

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Thanks to Hearts Unleashed Rescue, for taking in these dogs when they needed help the most.