Saturday, December 31, 2011

Hard to Catch Up, Let's Just Pick Up Here...

Thanks to teamwork and the loan of a trap from Estelle Mack, BBRR was able to get the remainder of the "Trash Pile Pups" today! This was critical now because they have been on the streets for about 4-5 weeks, and yesterday one of the females, Ms. Sunflower, was struck by a car and killed. This is the life of a street dog. These guys were dumped and have been living on a pile of trash off of Madden St., a popular dog dumping spot, dead and alive. We lost our Sunflower, but these dogs are now in a temp foster, and will need vetting, bathing, spay/neuter, and new homes. 4-6 mos old, hound or boxer mix. Please share and help us to find homes for them all... see below:

Gable, small, dark muzzle and handsome.

Freckles, Female

Soul Patch (Male)with Sunflower (deceased)

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Our Newest Rescue Partners...FDO5W

The Forgotten Dogs (and kitties, too) of the 5th Ward Project is an ongoing, team partnership based project, of committed people, that are striving to help the animals in or near the 5th Ward, with food, medical as needed, education, and rescue off the steets. We are many, who have decided that together we can make a difference in their lives if we join hands and hearts. The project is still just in beginning stages, and now just starting to take baby steps, and we need help in all areas. We ask for dedicated rescue groups, and willing, committed individuals to come togeter and help us get them off the street, one at a time, and ultimatly into loving homes. Right now a handfull of people are feeding, taking pictures and documenting the animals that are in the most need. Some are slowly st...arving to death out there, many, many have little fur to protect them from the cold, are infested with fleas and have open sores. To be honest, I am not a leader,and am most at home in a field, the woods, in a pipe or a ditch with a dog. But I know with all, with the talents and skills of each person willing to help, a full cirlce can be formed, and we can make a difference. Maybe not to all, but to each one that can sleep without the growling of a hungry tummy, for each one that we can get help and love for, for each one that feels that someone cares, that is a success. Please share this page with all you may feel are interested. I am allowing divine guidence, praying that it will come together, for them, and that sucess can only be measured one dog(or kittie) at a time. So far, 8 dogs have left the 5th Ward for better things, and are now sleeping in warm beds, are being loved, had a full bowl of food last night. To these dogs, that is everything they ever hoped for. If you have a 5th Ward dog, please post some pictures and comments so that their faces can be seen! Thanks to all that care! With all we can save many! Only on FB...!/groups/254142611313581/

Its here! Its here! The link of Links... enjoy!

Gloria Zenteno of Barrio Dogs and June Rodriguez, Indepedent rescuer in Houston TX talk about homeless animal crisis in Houston.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Junedogma Does Vegan World Radio

Yeah, I was on the radio again. Yeah, it was late at night. Yeah, I sounded like a dufus. But I will post the link tomorrow anyway. Hey If I have to listen to it, YOU have to listen to it...-Ma

Monday, November 21, 2011

Moonpie, the Southern Belle, Black Mouth Cur Mix

Moonpie is one of the happiest girls around when with her people. If you recall, photos of her in the park showed a sad-faced girl with her head down. She LOVES people, and other dogs. She is a pette girl at about 45 lbs and knee high. We t...hink she is Black Mouth Cur Mix, and loving. She will make someone a good pet, and would be a great therapy dog also, she is very calm. Contact to meet or adopt Moonpie!

Hercules (Herc) the Staffie/Dalmatian Mix

Herc is a newcomer to the Backstreets. He is about 1-2 years old intact male mix. He is big and solid, about 60 lbs. He is a little skittish and will not let us get to close. But he is regal looking and not in bad shape. His weight is good. He has a serious face.

He needs the whole "Backstreet Treatment" which includes vetting, neutering, treatment for parasites, fleas, and rehoming. perhaps he will need some socialization. We have not been able to get too close to him yet. Contact to meet or help HERC.

Garbo, the Blonde Bombshell (Pit Mix)

Poor Garbo was dumped in the "Zone" a couple of days ago. She is sleeping in a drain pipe, and is extremely timid. She is so afraid of people, someone must have been mean to her. She is lovely, but underweight and overbred. We will work on getting her to trust us, and get her any medication she needs for mange or fleas/heartworms. She will eventually need a foster/rescue/adopter as we are full now. She is about 40-45 lbs and will need to be spayed before adoption. Contact to help Garbo.

Lotus, the dumped Pitty Puppy

Update: Our Little girl Lottie is making GREAT progress! She went to the vet last week for vaccines and additional medication for her severe demodex. She has peach fuzz growing on her little body! She is a whopping 40 lbs now, and is loving life! She loves to play and will be a stunning blue pitty when she gets all better. She can use some donations for her ongoing care. She lives with a foster who feeds and waters her while Emily comes by daily to give her meds. What a lucky girl! Contact or click on the donate button on this page to help Lottie! She is about 4 mos old.

Lady the Golden Mix

Lady is a beautiful, young female (8-10 mos), found living in a vacant lot, probably dumped by some loser. A neighbor who used to work for an animal shelter was kind enough to feed and water her, but could not afford her vet care. He made an agreement to foster her through the end of her mange treatment, and then we will post her in the meantime for rescue or adoption. Lady is very sweet and smart, but we worry because she runs in the street a little too freely. Please contact us at to help Lady...

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Tinkerbelle:New Backstreet Doggie

Tinkerbelle was found tied up, in heat, and surrounded by males in the Minnetex area of Houston. Ms. Emily offered to get her spayed, and the man said "Keep her"... so Tinkerbelle is our rescue now. She is about 15 lbs, chi mix. Sweet but skittish at first. She and Peter Pan are buddies. She will be ready for adoption soon, please help spread the word as we do not have many chihuahua contacts! Contact to help Peter and Tinkerbelle...

Peter Pan: New Backstreet Doggie

Peter Pan was spotted outside of a man's yard in the Minnetex area of Houston, TX. He looked to have been shoved out, because there were two others inside the yard that looked just like him. The main claimed he wanted Peter, but then reneged on the promise to keep and care for him. So now Peter belongs to Backstreet... Rescue and needs a rescue/foster/forever home. He is darling, about 10-12 lbs, maybe a year old or slightly older, and very sweet. His is probably MinPin& Chi mix. He came to Backstreet with his BFF Tinkerbelle. Contact Emily if you can help Peter at

Lady: New Backstreet Dog

Lady is another new Backstreet dog we have discovered lately in the Minnetex are...a. She is a stray and has a small amount of mange she is being treated for. She is being fed by a good Samaritan who cannot take her in. She is probably a Golden Retriever or Golden Mix...she is young, not even a year old. If anyone can share Lady with some Golden groups, she is a sweet little darling girl who deserves a chance at getting off the streets...More on Lady as we get her healthy... she loves attention from people and is smart as a whip, as she runs to Emily's car trunk and waits for it to be opened... contact to help Lady.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Miss Moonpie

Update 9/28/11- Miss Moonpie now comes running when she sees me! I would like to think it is me, but I know its the Food. She is putting on weight and is no longer afraid of me. She waits patiently for her food delivery. She will Make someone a Great and loving dog. Please share her!

Moonpie Cullen is a Blackmouth Cur Mix who lives in a park on Cullen St in Houston. She has had a recent litter, still seems to have milk, but there are no pups around. So maybe she had the litter and got away. She is thin, but
has a gorgeous coat, and is really sweet and lovely. She is still living in the park, but she can be picked up and rescued IF THERE ARE SOME FOLKS INTERESTED, please let me know. Other wise, we will "street treat" her and feed her until a spot opens up in a rescue group. Curs are hunting dogs, so maybe pass on to any Hound groups you know. Thanks!

Contact to ask about Moonpie!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Jester! Bull Terrier Mix

ADOPTED! thanks to Friends for Life!

Jester is a young male who we picked up from BARC (Houston city Pound). He was HW neg, already neutered, and he had 3 more days to live! He was being euthanized because he had been at the pound too long and they needed more space! Poor Jester had so little time! A group of friends pulled him and he is now in the Friends For Life program. He is a happy, playful dog, about 1 1/2 years old, and gets along great with other dogs and people. Cats, not so much. Click here to see Jester's posting and contact Friends for Life to meet him. He is a sweet, sweet dog.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Ms. Kahlua Shows her Stuff- Adoptable Lab/Pitty

Ms. Kaluah was dumped at an RV park on Old Chocolate Bayou Road. One of the residents there called someone who let us know, and we could not leave her. She was young, beautiful, and that road is infamously bad for naive doggies. So we went to get her. She was another team effort, in that Canine Compassion posted her for help, Barrio Dogs sponsored her vetting, others donated for her boarding, bada-boom bada-bing, she is ready to adopt! She is very tall and slender, must be a lab or boxer mix. If you look really closely in bright light, she has a brindle pattern under that gorgeous cinammony brown coat. She is cute. She is loving. She is silly. What more could someone want in a 1 year old? Please contact us at to meet and ask about Kahlua. Our goal is to have her adopted by the end of 3o days. She is halfway there!

See her album on FACEBOOK

Kita, Home at Last!

Our Sweet Girl Kita has a loving home and new dad! We sat at the boarding place, and she had on her kisses bandana waiting for new dad to find the place! She has some smiles and even got away from me for a moment and I thought that she was going to keep running, but she stopped on a dime, did an about face, and ran back to the screaming lady that was getting hysterical in the parking lot. Thank you, Kita, for coming back to me! And thanks to Oneil, her new dad, for giving this special girl a great home! Kita is moving on up and there ain't no stopping her now! For those who rescued her (John), vetted her (Barrio Dogs), donated for her boarding (Gary and Carol) found her new dad (Jennifer) and I hope I did not leave anyone out! It truly takes a village these days to save an animal, unfortunately, it only takes one jerk to abandon one. What a great Day!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Luby on her Way to a New Life in Colorado

Luby's story is much like other dogs in Houston and other big cities. For whatever reason, she was left to roam around the streets, scrounging for food in a run-down neighborhood. She was rescued while trying to get into a locked up dumpster behind a Luby's restaurant. She was thin, hungry, afraid, and had been bred many times.

After getting a clean bill of health, and boarding for a few weeks to fatten up and recover from spay surgery, Luby jumped on a caravan this morning to Boulder, CO, where she will join a rescue there and be adopted to a loving home, in the cool, clear mountain air of the Colorado Rockies! How I wish I was going with her !

Luby is one of the lucky ones. It is only through the rescue community pulling together and attacking this problem of homeless pets from every angle; spay and neutering, ongoing vet care advocacy and education of pet owners, no kill strategies, and policy change, will this issue ever be licked in a city this size. Don't believe those who say, one fix will take care of all of the issues. It takes many; it takes all of us. And there will be more stories like Luby's, but there will begin to be happy resolutions that end with more Houston dogs being adopted right here, to conscientious, educated, and loving homes. A revoir, Luby! Don't forget to write!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Busy Week! Kahlua

Kahlua was reported as being dumped in an RV park on Old Chocolate Bayou Rd. in Manvel-Pearland area. It took all week, but we finally were able to pick her up and bring her to safety! The vets at Gulfgate Animal Hospital gave her a clean bill of health, and she is heartworm negative! She is adorable, and sweet temperament and gorgeous coloring. She is in heat and will be spayed soon. We will post adoption info as soon as it is known.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Davis, Terrier Mix in Greater East End

This is "Davis". He is named after a lovable, yet often unlucky character on the HBO series "Treme". Davis is one of the dogs found when a rescuer was driving the N. Main area looking for a different missing dog. He was with another terrier female (Colinda), possibly pregnant, and an injured black dog, Calliope, probably pregnant (3 legs work, one doesn't).

Today, when I went to make a new feeding station, Davis was the only dog there. He is somewhat skittish, but will get within 10 feet of you as long as you don't make any sudden moves. Davis and friends need to be rescued, but in the meantime, they will get fed and watered. I need help from others keeping the feeding station full. Contact me to help out. Then when a rescue has a space open up, we can scoop these babies up and get them real homes. Not the mean, hot streets of Houston. Hang on guys, we are coming!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Maia and 4 surviving Pups

Yesterday was nuts!! Full moon I guess... A mama dog spotted early last week very largely pregnant was found in 5 foot tall grass with 5 puppies in an entirely different place! Mom was fiercely protective if her babies, but Robin Elliott took 7 hours and rescued all 6 souls. The pups and mom were starving and dehydrated. Robin needs lots if help, and most of all, a rescue to step up and take the family in. She is full and needs a rescue to help! Please contact Robin Elliot at, to help. Please pass the word...Networking saves lives! CHIP IN HERE

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Jester! the Bull Terrier Mix

Jester at the Gazebo in the Heights. For those who do not know him is is a one plus year old neutered male from BARC, HW negative and neutered! He loves to run, and play. Perfect for active kids, or a runner, with a big yard to run in. And after the playing, he loves to cuddle. Silly Jester Bozo McClown! He is a proud member of the Friends for Life Animal Rescue Organization, please contact them for more info or to meet Jester!

Finnegan the Red Lab Mix!

Finnegan is a two year old neutered male ready for a home of his own! He was picked up from Jensen drive and was 45lbs all bones! He has fought back from double mange and heartworms and is 70lbs of docile, pupp-ish , playful silly dog! Lap dog and toe nibbler. He is also an intuitive to people with special needs. A natural therapy dog. Contact me to meet the Finnster!