Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Houston, TX: Active, Nature-Loving Pitty Girl Needs a Rescue!

Found this past Friday 2/24 mid-morning, literally following in our marketing agent into Randall’s at Kirkwood & West Airport, currently known as “FAITH”, who is black and white, about 40lbs, medium sized, vibrant, beautiful in all her conformation, face, whata tail, ears, muzzle, feet – she’s the “whole shabang!” She is fearless, NOT timid at all. Bathes well, responds to commands, urinates a bit frequently (she marks like a male), super gentle yet does NOT know her own strength. My daughter (7) and I took her camping with us this past weekend and aside from the powerful “mushing” we both exhausted ourselves through, she was a “10” and we all kept each other warm. Sunday proved MUCH better walking, as long as my daughter stayed shoulder level with her or barely behind, everyone hiked in harmony. She did track every scent, even sniffing out a snake which struck but did not make contact. She listened to every bird, every rustle, watched every motion of both nature & companions. She is keenly aware of her surroundings – unlike any pup I have met in my life – she’s super smart and I want to train her to ready for adoption. She is dominant, a leader, a protector for sure. Obedient (less the HARD playful biting and jumping) and intelligent, leaving little to question whats going on in her mind.
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