Friday, August 19, 2011

Davis, Terrier Mix in Greater East End

This is "Davis". He is named after a lovable, yet often unlucky character on the HBO series "Treme". Davis is one of the dogs found when a rescuer was driving the N. Main area looking for a different missing dog. He was with another terrier female (Colinda), possibly pregnant, and an injured black dog, Calliope, probably pregnant (3 legs work, one doesn't).

Today, when I went to make a new feeding station, Davis was the only dog there. He is somewhat skittish, but will get within 10 feet of you as long as you don't make any sudden moves. Davis and friends need to be rescued, but in the meantime, they will get fed and watered. I need help from others keeping the feeding station full. Contact me to help out. Then when a rescue has a space open up, we can scoop these babies up and get them real homes. Not the mean, hot streets of Houston. Hang on guys, we are coming!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Maia and 4 surviving Pups

Yesterday was nuts!! Full moon I guess... A mama dog spotted early last week very largely pregnant was found in 5 foot tall grass with 5 puppies in an entirely different place! Mom was fiercely protective if her babies, but Robin Elliott took 7 hours and rescued all 6 souls. The pups and mom were starving and dehydrated. Robin needs lots if help, and most of all, a rescue to step up and take the family in. She is full and needs a rescue to help! Please contact Robin Elliot at, to help. Please pass the word...Networking saves lives! CHIP IN HERE

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Jester! the Bull Terrier Mix

Jester at the Gazebo in the Heights. For those who do not know him is is a one plus year old neutered male from BARC, HW negative and neutered! He loves to run, and play. Perfect for active kids, or a runner, with a big yard to run in. And after the playing, he loves to cuddle. Silly Jester Bozo McClown! He is a proud member of the Friends for Life Animal Rescue Organization, please contact them for more info or to meet Jester!

Finnegan the Red Lab Mix!

Finnegan is a two year old neutered male ready for a home of his own! He was picked up from Jensen drive and was 45lbs all bones! He has fought back from double mange and heartworms and is 70lbs of docile, pupp-ish , playful silly dog! Lap dog and toe nibbler. He is also an intuitive to people with special needs. A natural therapy dog. Contact me to meet the Finnster!