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Whether donate for a specific dog or donate to the general fund, Houston Indie Dog Rescue will ensure donations go where the donors intend or are needed the most:

Emergency case: Bait Dog, COOPER

Discovered living in a vacant lot on Cullen Blvd., COOPER was obviously healing from wounds he received as a bait dog for a dog fighting ring.  He was spotted and rescued right away.  He is healing, but has multiple infections and hundreds of bite wounds.  His expenses are approaching $500.00 and he has no pledges at this time, as his rescue was not planned!  Please consider sponsoring COOPER's care.


Dumped Dreamboat, Luther Vandross-Dog, in Minnetex, TX

This chocolate brown dumped one year old had french painted nail tips!  He is a sweet, energetic pittie, probably pure bred.  Expenses to date are $230.  He needs $130 more in sponsorships
to allow us to save one more dog! Luther is a Backstreet Brutality Relief & Rescue dog.


Moonpie, the Southern Belle, Cullen Park Dog

MOONPIE, the mama Black Mouth Cur mix, who was dumped in Schnor Park on Cullen Blvd. without her pups in September of 2011.  Her expenses have reached $230.00.  Moonpie has no pledges thus far and needs the entire amount in order to allow us to save another dog.