Saturday, December 31, 2011

Hard to Catch Up, Let's Just Pick Up Here...

Thanks to teamwork and the loan of a trap from Estelle Mack, BBRR was able to get the remainder of the "Trash Pile Pups" today! This was critical now because they have been on the streets for about 4-5 weeks, and yesterday one of the females, Ms. Sunflower, was struck by a car and killed. This is the life of a street dog. These guys were dumped and have been living on a pile of trash off of Madden St., a popular dog dumping spot, dead and alive. We lost our Sunflower, but these dogs are now in a temp foster, and will need vetting, bathing, spay/neuter, and new homes. 4-6 mos old, hound or boxer mix. Please share and help us to find homes for them all... see below:

Gable, small, dark muzzle and handsome.

Freckles, Female

Soul Patch (Male)with Sunflower (deceased)

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Our Newest Rescue Partners...FDO5W

The Forgotten Dogs (and kitties, too) of the 5th Ward Project is an ongoing, team partnership based project, of committed people, that are striving to help the animals in or near the 5th Ward, with food, medical as needed, education, and rescue off the steets. We are many, who have decided that together we can make a difference in their lives if we join hands and hearts. The project is still just in beginning stages, and now just starting to take baby steps, and we need help in all areas. We ask for dedicated rescue groups, and willing, committed individuals to come togeter and help us get them off the street, one at a time, and ultimatly into loving homes. Right now a handfull of people are feeding, taking pictures and documenting the animals that are in the most need. Some are slowly st...arving to death out there, many, many have little fur to protect them from the cold, are infested with fleas and have open sores. To be honest, I am not a leader,and am most at home in a field, the woods, in a pipe or a ditch with a dog. But I know with all, with the talents and skills of each person willing to help, a full cirlce can be formed, and we can make a difference. Maybe not to all, but to each one that can sleep without the growling of a hungry tummy, for each one that we can get help and love for, for each one that feels that someone cares, that is a success. Please share this page with all you may feel are interested. I am allowing divine guidence, praying that it will come together, for them, and that sucess can only be measured one dog(or kittie) at a time. So far, 8 dogs have left the 5th Ward for better things, and are now sleeping in warm beds, are being loved, had a full bowl of food last night. To these dogs, that is everything they ever hoped for. If you have a 5th Ward dog, please post some pictures and comments so that their faces can be seen! Thanks to all that care! With all we can save many! Only on FB...!/groups/254142611313581/

Its here! Its here! The link of Links... enjoy!

Gloria Zenteno of Barrio Dogs and June Rodriguez, Indepedent rescuer in Houston TX talk about homeless animal crisis in Houston.