Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Houston, TX: Spayed Hound/Pointer Mix Needs Rescue

found dog.jpeg

Contact is Cullen Anderson below or at

My name is Cullen Anderson and my family found this hound/pointer mix had wandered onto our property recently and we feel that she was dumped nearby. She has been spayed and seems in good health. She did not have a collar or microchip. We posted fliers in hopes of someone claiming her but since then we feel that she was abandoned. We do not have room for her as we already have 5 dogs to begin with and she has recently begun chasing our cats and we fear that they will run off due to her. We hope that you will be able to place her either at your facility or be able to find someone who would like her. You can contact the Andersons at (281) 346-1512 for any further information.

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  1. This was posted a couple of days ago. What is current status? Is it possible to get pictures?

    Jerry Dunham
    Tejas Coonhound Rescue