Monday, February 20, 2012

Letting Go...Buddy

I only knew two Schnauzers before this weekend. They were bratty and spoiled and sounded like human babies being squished to death pretty much all the time. Did not like those dogs. Or their owner, for that matter.

Sunday, I ran across this little guy. 20# of pure stinky, matted, fur. No telling how long it had been since he had a good bath, even his feet were a tangled mess. I was on my way somewhere, I did not have time, I did not know Schanuzer people, did not even like Schnauzers much. He was dashing back and forth across Blackhawk road near Pearland, following first one person and then another. I pulled up and dumped some food. He ate and came right to me. In the car he went and rode with me ALL DAY. Not a peep out of him. Only two stomach fulls of food, but I don't blame him. It was a long day in the car.

I had to take him home as no one was reachable. I was in the dog house and the dog was in the garage. I had been warned "no more strays" about 25 strays ago. It is a common rescuer's story.

After a day and a half of trying to find him a rescue, someone donated a vet visit. Someone else passed to a friend and so on. Finally, Buddy has a rescue! I get to drop him off at their boarding facility tomorrow morning! He is healthy, HW neg, and vaccinated!

What could we get done if all rescues cooperated, took turns with the shelters and, in the spirit of cooperation for the greater good, share the expense and glory of rescuing animals in a city that casts them off as an expense we cannot afford?

After the rescue notified me, I got Buddy's papers all together, his toy, his brush and a bag of his favorite food. His pillow. His too big collar and matching leash. I start to worry, will he be ok? Will the boarding place understand that he is scared because he was dumped and he hates to be alone even for a second? Will they take care that he can see someone at all times? Be patient with him as he learns "off" as he loves to jump on people. I will tell them all this stuff. But I am worried. What if they are mean to him? Then it dawns on me.

I love him.

Less than 48 hours and I love this little Schnauzer that threw up 4 times in two days inside my car (and once on the dashboard). He is my... well, my little Buddy. For a day, my rescue buddy. My sidekick.

Boarding place, please don't be mean to Buddy.

I will be watching.

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