Success Stories!

SAFE!  thanks Barb at Wags to Whiskers! 

This Beagle boy found wandering Hearthstone subdivision on FM 529 between Eldridge @ Hwy 6 about a week ago. Finder can only keep until this Friday 03/02/2012 she then leaves town. Friendly male, neutered, about 5-6 yrs, ONLY 10 lbs. Friendly with kids/dogs. No collar, no micro-chip, most likely was dumped.


After many long months in boarding and with fosters, his foster has decided to adopt Sampson.  Sampson is the small, young Aussie mix that was dumped in a trucking yard on Mykawa Dr. near a grocery supply company.  He lived there for two months in a drainage pipe until he was rescued by Houston Indie Rescuers.  Sam is now a bright, intelligent, brilliant boy who has found his soulmate.  Thanks to Syd for failing as a foster, and taking Sammy in for Life.


Hello there, I've attached some pics of 3 puppies who appear to have been dumped in a field near my home. I was on my way to work Friday morning and noticed them. I couldn't help but stop and pick them up. However, I can't foster them and need to find somewhere for them to go asap. I'm looking for an organization that has a no kill philosophy. Please help if you can. If the pics don't come through, let me know and I can send again. Thanks so much.


 ADOPTED!  We are so happy, Snazz has hung in there with us for months and finally has a new family thanks to Friends For Life No Kill Rescue!  He has a mom and dad, two kids, and he is so happy! Thanks to all who helped Snazz he is an awesome dog.  Go forth and be happy, Snazzy Boy...He so deserves this.



Kita, Home at Last!

Our Sweet Girl Kita has a loving home and new dad! We sat at the boarding place, and she had on her kisses bandana waiting for new dad to find the place! She has some smiles and even got away from me for a moment and I thought that she was going to keep running, but she stopped on a dime, did an about face, and ran back to the screaming lady that was getting hysterical in the parking lot. Thank you, Kita, for coming back to me! And thanks to Oneil, her new dad, for giving this special girl a great home! Kita is moving on up and there ain't no stopping her now! For those who rescued her (John), vetted her (Barrio Dogs), donated for her boarding (Gary and Carol) found her new dad (Jennifer) and I hope I did not leave anyone out! It truly takes a village these days to save an animal, unfortunately, it only takes one jerk to abandon one. What a great Day!


"Luby" the NE Houston Street Mama

Sweet girl Luby had been in the I10/Federal Rd area for months trying her best to get into the Luby's dumpster in the back! People come and went all the time, and overlooked poor Luby.

She is 35lbs, brindle mix (probably some GSD) about 1-2 years old.
She has now had all her vaccinations, and Advantage Multi. She is HW positive, and so sweet and gentle. She minds well on a lead. She is spayed and now has been accepted into a Montana Rescue Program once her heartworms are treated.  So, 30 more days or so, and Luby goes NORTH!  Thanks to all who helped this girl. She deserves the best, and she will have it.
 Honey & Cappucino
These two were picked up during the week of "Trailer Park 6".  The brown one is cappucino.  He started out as "Capuchin" becuase he loved to climb up the clothing of any person he met and sit on their shoulder.  He was picked up when a rescuer went to a trailer park for a call to pick up 2 puppies and left with 6! People kept coming out and surrendering their pets.  Unfortunately, one of the 6 later escaped from the holding yard, and while looking for her, the rescuer found the fawn baby, and named her "Little Bit O Honey".  Honey stuck (Miel in spanish).

Both went into the Friends For Life Houston, adoption Program and found awesome forever homes!

Little Beau was a pup that was found by a rescuer Kelle Davis and taken into the Friends for Life Program.  Beau found a new forever home, and thanks to FFL and foster mom Angelita Rodrigues, he has a new LEASH on life... go little Beau, go!

Maximillian was trapped by two rescuers who had watched him dodge heavy traffic near a shopping center for days!  The locals said that he had been there at least 4 months.  This little dog was so dirty he was GREY!  Once trapped, he became the worlds greatest lover (and the whitest little doggie).  He was taken in by a woman who saw his story on Facebook and fell in love with him.  He is in an awesome forever home!


SAFE!!!! Thank you Golden Beginnings Rescue... Mom and 9 pups were picked up and are now safe...

Houston, TX: Golden Retrievers Everywhere! Puppies Everywhere! In a neighborhood in NE Houston, This beautiful golden has 4 pups under an abandoned house. Neighbors say the dogs are being fed and don't know about water. A friend checked and dog had no water. The neighbors can watch her and make sure she has water for a "couple of days" and friend left her some food. She is a probable Golden (looks PB to me) and is filthy muddy needs help for her and pups (neighbors say eyes not open yet on pups).


This little pup was found chained to a porch with 5 inches of chain length!He could not even position herself to use the bathroom.He was surrendered. Now in a loving adoptive home!


SNOOPY  is a Pit Mix Male who was picked up after we got a report of a dog being hit by a car in the Carverdale area of Houston (Tanner Road).  What actually happened was that he was the loser in a fight over a female in heat!  (See 1st photo).  After repairing the damage, Snoopy got some of his confidence back, and was taken in by Dogtown Ranch and Sanctuary in Hempstead, TX.  Snoopy is in need of a permanent home. Please send any support you can to Dogtown Ranch, and keep Snoopy in mind when looking for a handsome, neutered male Pit Mix!