Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Houston, TX: Sweet Beagle X Girl with Medical Needs a Rescue!

This sweet Beagle x girl of about 4 yrs was found living in a mall parking lot in Humble Tx. The tenderhearted lady who picked her up, after seeing her there for a few weeks, is unemployed. This baby was found to have 2 hernias on her back (where vet feels she was probably bitten by another dog at one point), and an in...guinal hernia that very much needs to be fixed asap. The lady is not able to afford this much needed help to this baby and is desperate to find a rescue to take her in so she knows she is safe. She is a very sweet girl, and according to the mall people was dumped there a few mths ago with 2 other dogs that have since disappeared. We are begging for a safe place for this girl to go to have a chance at a future and a chance to get the needed help she needs. I am trying to help, it is so obvious she has suffered neglect and has been thrown away. Please share with anyone that may be able to help this girl. She is on limited time. CONTACT: kellek-9@peoplepc.com

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