Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Houston, TX: Spayed Hound/Pointer Mix Needs Rescue

found dog.jpeg

Contact is Cullen Anderson below or at

My name is Cullen Anderson and my family found this hound/pointer mix had wandered onto our property recently and we feel that she was dumped nearby. She has been spayed and seems in good health. She did not have a collar or microchip. We posted fliers in hopes of someone claiming her but since then we feel that she was abandoned. We do not have room for her as we already have 5 dogs to begin with and she has recently begun chasing our cats and we fear that they will run off due to her. We hope that you will be able to place her either at your facility or be able to find someone who would like her. You can contact the Andersons at (281) 346-1512 for any further information.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Houston, TX: Sweet Beagle X Girl with Medical Needs a Rescue!

This sweet Beagle x girl of about 4 yrs was found living in a mall parking lot in Humble Tx. The tenderhearted lady who picked her up, after seeing her there for a few weeks, is unemployed. This baby was found to have 2 hernias on her back (where vet feels she was probably bitten by another dog at one point), and an in...guinal hernia that very much needs to be fixed asap. The lady is not able to afford this much needed help to this baby and is desperate to find a rescue to take her in so she knows she is safe. She is a very sweet girl, and according to the mall people was dumped there a few mths ago with 2 other dogs that have since disappeared. We are begging for a safe place for this girl to go to have a chance at a future and a chance to get the needed help she needs. I am trying to help, it is so obvious she has suffered neglect and has been thrown away. Please share with anyone that may be able to help this girl. She is on limited time. CONTACT:

Houston, TX: Active, Nature-Loving Pitty Girl Needs a Rescue!

Found this past Friday 2/24 mid-morning, literally following in our marketing agent into Randall’s at Kirkwood & West Airport, currently known as “FAITH”, who is black and white, about 40lbs, medium sized, vibrant, beautiful in all her conformation, face, whata tail, ears, muzzle, feet – she’s the “whole shabang!” She is fearless, NOT timid at all. Bathes well, responds to commands, urinates a bit frequently (she marks like a male), super gentle yet does NOT know her own strength. My daughter (7) and I took her camping with us this past weekend and aside from the powerful “mushing” we both exhausted ourselves through, she was a “10” and we all kept each other warm. Sunday proved MUCH better walking, as long as my daughter stayed shoulder level with her or barely behind, everyone hiked in harmony. She did track every scent, even sniffing out a snake which struck but did not make contact. She listened to every bird, every rustle, watched every motion of both nature & companions. She is keenly aware of her surroundings – unlike any pup I have met in my life – she’s super smart and I want to train her to ready for adoption. She is dominant, a leader, a protector for sure. Obedient (less the HARD playful biting and jumping) and intelligent, leaving little to question whats going on in her mind.
CONTACT: Nicole, 832-868-4112

Monday, February 20, 2012

Letting Go...Buddy

I only knew two Schnauzers before this weekend. They were bratty and spoiled and sounded like human babies being squished to death pretty much all the time. Did not like those dogs. Or their owner, for that matter.

Sunday, I ran across this little guy. 20# of pure stinky, matted, fur. No telling how long it had been since he had a good bath, even his feet were a tangled mess. I was on my way somewhere, I did not have time, I did not know Schanuzer people, did not even like Schnauzers much. He was dashing back and forth across Blackhawk road near Pearland, following first one person and then another. I pulled up and dumped some food. He ate and came right to me. In the car he went and rode with me ALL DAY. Not a peep out of him. Only two stomach fulls of food, but I don't blame him. It was a long day in the car.

I had to take him home as no one was reachable. I was in the dog house and the dog was in the garage. I had been warned "no more strays" about 25 strays ago. It is a common rescuer's story.

After a day and a half of trying to find him a rescue, someone donated a vet visit. Someone else passed to a friend and so on. Finally, Buddy has a rescue! I get to drop him off at their boarding facility tomorrow morning! He is healthy, HW neg, and vaccinated!

What could we get done if all rescues cooperated, took turns with the shelters and, in the spirit of cooperation for the greater good, share the expense and glory of rescuing animals in a city that casts them off as an expense we cannot afford?

After the rescue notified me, I got Buddy's papers all together, his toy, his brush and a bag of his favorite food. His pillow. His too big collar and matching leash. I start to worry, will he be ok? Will the boarding place understand that he is scared because he was dumped and he hates to be alone even for a second? Will they take care that he can see someone at all times? Be patient with him as he learns "off" as he loves to jump on people. I will tell them all this stuff. But I am worried. What if they are mean to him? Then it dawns on me.

I love him.

Less than 48 hours and I love this little Schnauzer that threw up 4 times in two days inside my car (and once on the dashboard). He is my... well, my little Buddy. For a day, my rescue buddy. My sidekick.

Boarding place, please don't be mean to Buddy.

I will be watching.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Pearl's Story: She needs a home!

This is Pearl. Pearl was tied up in front of Walmart and then the people that tied her up tried to run over her in front of everyone before leaving her. She is probably around 9-12months old. Spayed female and current on her shots. I think she would be better as an only dog until she has had some training. She has an endless amount of energy, would really be good for someone that jogs.She seems to be a Pharaoh Hound mix. She has a small tendency to herd, nipping at your feet (not really nipping). She will be a good dog, just needs some training. She shows no food aggression and seems to like people and not too sure about the cats. She runs at mine but hasn’t attacked them, yet.I am moving out of state at the end of April and need to find a new foster/forever home for her. I have four of my own and I’m lucky to be able to take them with me (told him it was a package deal from the beginning). Please contact Charla Morin at 281-276-6281 or

Big Red Needs a Home!

This is Big Red, a pit bull or majority pit. He is about 5 - 6 years old. He has lead a hard life, neglected, starved, shot at, cast out. He was recently rescued from terrible living conditions. He is Heartworm positive but on a soft treatment. He is neutered and up to date on his shots. His teeth aren’t great, one canine is broken and the rest are pretty dull. He has bullet pellets in his elbow and will suffer with rheumatoid arthritis for the rest of his life.He has livened up since we rescued him and started taking care of him but still looks sad. He loves attention. I would say he needs to be an only dog and cats are NOT GOOD for him. He stiffens up when you pet him, just because he isn’t sure what you are going to do to him. He is very smart and falls easily into routines. I would also think that he is primarily a woman’s dog although he seems to like my son who is 19(he has a calm temperament), could be due to treatment from males in the past. Shows no food aggression.I am moving out of state at the end of April and need to find a new foster/forever home for him. I have four of my own and I’m lucky to be able to take them with me (told him it was a package deal from the beginning). Contact Charla Morin at Office: 281-276-6281 / Fax: 281-276-6175 .