Fifth Ward Project

Long time rescuer Kelle Mann Davis was overwhelmed with what she saw.  Countless dogs in deplorable conditions, sick, starving, tied up, running the streets, abused, running in packs, dead on the streets. She felt she had to do something, so "Forgotten Dogs (and kitties) of the Fifth Ward" was born.  This is 30 miles from where she lives, but she could not allow this to happen and not help.  She started a page on Facebook, and the group just came together.  Kelle has helped Houston's street dogs for years and is a primo trapper for fearful or feral dogs.  We all knew her name, and many of us are following her efforts to save as many as we can in the "bloody nickel" slang for Fifth Ward Houston.  We even rescued a horse from a ditch on Christmas Eve, 2011, and we now watch out for them, check on their welfare, and report abuses to the authorities.  We are a varied bunch, but we have one thing in common, and that is saving as many animals as we can.  Donations for the Fifth Ward Project can be sent to  Chip in for Forgotten Dogs of the 5th Ward Project is and if anyone would prefer to donate thru a 501c3 Please go to