Saturday, December 31, 2011

Hard to Catch Up, Let's Just Pick Up Here...

Thanks to teamwork and the loan of a trap from Estelle Mack, BBRR was able to get the remainder of the "Trash Pile Pups" today! This was critical now because they have been on the streets for about 4-5 weeks, and yesterday one of the females, Ms. Sunflower, was struck by a car and killed. This is the life of a street dog. These guys were dumped and have been living on a pile of trash off of Madden St., a popular dog dumping spot, dead and alive. We lost our Sunflower, but these dogs are now in a temp foster, and will need vetting, bathing, spay/neuter, and new homes. 4-6 mos old, hound or boxer mix. Please share and help us to find homes for them all... see below:

Gable, small, dark muzzle and handsome.

Freckles, Female

Soul Patch (Male)with Sunflower (deceased)

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