Friday, August 19, 2011

Davis, Terrier Mix in Greater East End

This is "Davis". He is named after a lovable, yet often unlucky character on the HBO series "Treme". Davis is one of the dogs found when a rescuer was driving the N. Main area looking for a different missing dog. He was with another terrier female (Colinda), possibly pregnant, and an injured black dog, Calliope, probably pregnant (3 legs work, one doesn't).

Today, when I went to make a new feeding station, Davis was the only dog there. He is somewhat skittish, but will get within 10 feet of you as long as you don't make any sudden moves. Davis and friends need to be rescued, but in the meantime, they will get fed and watered. I need help from others keeping the feeding station full. Contact me to help out. Then when a rescue has a space open up, we can scoop these babies up and get them real homes. Not the mean, hot streets of Houston. Hang on guys, we are coming!

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