Saturday, September 24, 2011

Ms. Kahlua Shows her Stuff- Adoptable Lab/Pitty

Ms. Kaluah was dumped at an RV park on Old Chocolate Bayou Road. One of the residents there called someone who let us know, and we could not leave her. She was young, beautiful, and that road is infamously bad for naive doggies. So we went to get her. She was another team effort, in that Canine Compassion posted her for help, Barrio Dogs sponsored her vetting, others donated for her boarding, bada-boom bada-bing, she is ready to adopt! She is very tall and slender, must be a lab or boxer mix. If you look really closely in bright light, she has a brindle pattern under that gorgeous cinammony brown coat. She is cute. She is loving. She is silly. What more could someone want in a 1 year old? Please contact us at to meet and ask about Kahlua. Our goal is to have her adopted by the end of 3o days. She is halfway there!

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