Saturday, September 24, 2011

Kita, Home at Last!

Our Sweet Girl Kita has a loving home and new dad! We sat at the boarding place, and she had on her kisses bandana waiting for new dad to find the place! She has some smiles and even got away from me for a moment and I thought that she was going to keep running, but she stopped on a dime, did an about face, and ran back to the screaming lady that was getting hysterical in the parking lot. Thank you, Kita, for coming back to me! And thanks to Oneil, her new dad, for giving this special girl a great home! Kita is moving on up and there ain't no stopping her now! For those who rescued her (John), vetted her (Barrio Dogs), donated for her boarding (Gary and Carol) found her new dad (Jennifer) and I hope I did not leave anyone out! It truly takes a village these days to save an animal, unfortunately, it only takes one jerk to abandon one. What a great Day!

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