Monday, January 16, 2012

R.I.P Ginger: Mykawa District Erupts in Dog Shootings

Last night, someone or multiple someones went on a shooting spree in the Mykawa district where Backstreet Brutality Relief & Rescue (BBRR) operates. Our beloved Ginger, a pitty mom who just came back from her spay surgery on Saturday, was killed. She still had pups who were nursing.

The day before, on Saturday, on of the patrollers for BBRR reported finding a brand new plastic dog crate with a dead blue nose pit bull inside. The dog had just been shot, as the blood was still flowing from two gunshot wounds to his face. He was healthy and perfect except for being dead. Had a chain and masterlock collar on. Bullet holes in the crate showed the cowardice of the murderers, as he never even stood a chance to save himself by running away.

Violence against pit bulls is not new. This city has countless tales and reports of pit bull fighting rings, where the dogs are routinely killed if they do not perform. There are tales of nearby "Massacre" sites such as the one in Crosby, TX; north of here where mindless shooting of puppies for target practice is routine. No one can explain why these things happen, except that humans can be cruel.

We hope that there is no relation to the recent news story (aired last night on late news, and all weekend) where a pit bull allegedly killed a 1 year old infant while at his grandmother's home. There are many stories like these that come out, and just as many where the cause of death was really a lack of supervision of the child and or the dog but the caregivers. But these stories still serve to incite the wrong kind of people to the wrong kind of action.

We intend to ask Houston police to investigate this incident. We hope that they will be fair in recording at least the occurrence in case it becomes a habit out there. This place is known for dozens of dumped dogs each year, dead and alive, out in the open, and in black trash bags.

There is a great respect for livestock in Texas, and dogs are considered livestock here. At least we hope that these murderers will be caught and dealt with like a cattle rustler or horse thief.


  1. shared via facebook and google+. if anyone comes forward with information that leads to an arrest, i will personally (discreetly) give that person a free texas concealed handgun license class, and free renewals for life. please update me if you find these idiots.

  2. please shoot these idiots if u find them,do us all a favor

  3. How did these killers get access to Ginger?