Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Puppies! Katy has 'em

A young lady contacted me one day a month ago, asking help for her 80 year old mother who was a dog rescuer and spent her own money saving dogs and puppies in her area of town.  She had three black puppies she was trying to find homes for.  By the time I talked to her a couple of times, the mom had found homes.  She was very particular and did not want to take to any place that could not guarantee no euthanizing ever.  This weekend, the mom called me herself. She knows this man who has a shop near a trailer park, and it seems he is the one bringing her puppies to help rescue from the park.  This time he had 17 puppies!  We all know how puppy season slams us each year... but this was more than the mom could bear... Her name is Lucille.  She has asked me to help her and I offered to try. She has sent me photos, and I need lots of help sharing them so we can get them rescued.  Then that trailer park needs some INTERVENTION!  Here are the photos, there is one pitty mama with 11 pups that all look choco lab.  Then there are 6 others and a border collie mix that Lucille loves and wants to find a good home for.  Please review the photos and share, and I can put you in touch with her.  She only wants to help the dogs and has been spending her (fixed) income on vetting them herself.  Let's help Lucille, she is a real trooper to give it a try.  Katy rescues, please dig deep and help us out!

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